Three-in-one swimming pool dehumidification heat pump

  • Economic saving
  • Wide range of use
  • Safe operation, no need to guard
  • Long service life
  • Environmental protection

The three-in-one heat pump dehumidification unit utilizes heat pump technology to treat air by evaporating and cooling outdoor air through the evaporator, extracting moisture which condenses and is expelled outside. Simultaneously, the treated air is circulated indoors for dehumidification and purification, while advanced heat recovery technology ensures efficient energy use by capturing heat from the expelled moisture. These units integrate functions such as providing hot water for pools, dehumidifying pool room air, and conditioning indoor air, with additional features like fresh air exhaust and heat recovery, leading some to call them “five-in-one” systems.


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3EHEAT stands for  Efficient, Economical, Easy installation and maintenance solutions that set new standards in the heating pump industry.

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