Heat Pump

Five features of heat pump hot water unit

1. Water heat exchanger (condenser) high quality and high efficiency

Domestic water quality is hard, Ca+ ions and Mg+ ions in the water are high, which will form a scale that is difficult to peel off and attach to the inner wall of the heat exchanger after heating, seriously affecting the heat exchange efficiency. The water heat exchanger of heat pump hot water unit adopts coaxial corrugated casing type heat exchanger with special material, which increases the cost but ensures stronger adaptability to water quality, higher heat exchange efficiency and longer service life.

2. Unique and efficient defrost technology

China’s vast territory, the temperature difference between the north and the south, air source heat pump in the ambient temperature -5 to 5 degrees between the frost prone. Most other manufacturers use a fixed temperature and time defrost, but due to different frost conditions, defrost will not occur or excessive defrost phenomenon. And reverse defrost will also consume tank heat, causing water temperature fluctuations, affecting the stability of the heat pump heating operation, to a certain extent, will also affect the heat pump system heating efficiency. The heat pump thoroughly researches the frost mechanism and invents a set of effective electric defrosting scheme, which integrates the detection of multiple frost conditions, intelligently calculates the best defrosting time and period, and adopts multi-variable and multi-mode self-correction technology to ensure that the system obtains the highest energy efficiency ratio. This technology not only ensures a good solution to the heat pump defrosting problem but also ensures the continuous stability of heat pump heating.

3. Multiple protection functions to ensure the best working condition

A. Inlet and outlet water temperature limit protection;

B. Compressor overload protection;

C. Phase sequence protection of the unit;

D. System high and low pressure protection;

E. System water shortage protection;

F. Compressor start three-minute delay protection;

G. Compressor and pump linkage protection;

H. Temperature sensor fault protection;

I. Communication failure protection;

J. Manual operation password setting protection K. System failure shutdown alarm;

L. The unit also has a variety of protection functions such as exhaust temperature protection and frequent compressor start protection.

4. Unique control technology

A. Fuzzy integrated control system, with the function of automatically collecting, organizing and adjusting system parameters to meet the best working conditions of the heat pump host and system.

B. Adopted multi-event trigger memory and optimized sequencing program structure.

C. Control parameters can be set online, with power failure protection function.

D. When a fault occurs, the parameters and status of the alarm are automatically displayed.

5. High energy efficiency ratio

The energy efficiency ratio of heat pump hot water unit is high, up to 500%, with an annual average thermal efficiency of 380%. Compared with similar products in the domestic market, the energy efficiency ratio is 20% higher, which is a high efficiency and energy-saving heat pump in the real sense.

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