Heat Pump

Introduction to Heat Pump Technology

Heat pump technology is based on the inverse Carnot cycle principle. In layman’s terms, just as water always flows from high to low, heat is always transferred from high to low temperatures. But people can use the pump to lift the water from low to high, to realize the flow of water from low to high, heat pump can also transfer heat from a low-temperature heat source to a high-temperature heat source, so heat pump is essentially a heat lifting device. The role of the heat pump is to draw heat from the surrounding environment (these drawn heat can be geothermal, solar, or air energy) and transfer it to the object to be heated (the higher temperature medium).

Heat pump hot water units are suitable for use in hotels, restaurants, resorts, swimming pools, saunas, apartments, factories, colleges and universities, hospitals, sanatoriums and other units that need hot water, especially in today’s increasingly tight fuel, which reflects the superiority of heat pumps.

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