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The difference between swimming dehumidification heat pump and air conditioning unit dehumidifier

Functional differences.

Three-in-one constant temperature dehumidification heat pump: dehumidification, cooling, heating, fresh air treatment, exhaust system, heat recovery system.

Air conditioner plus dehumidifier: dehumidification, refrigeration, heating system, without new air treatment, exhaust system, heat recovery system. Select when the air conditioning cooling capacity to increase, because the dehumidifier running out of the air temperature is more bureau, in order to control the temperature dehumidifier operation will offset part of the cooling capacity.

Control differences.

Trinity constant temperature and dehumidification heat pump: only in the interface will be made indoor temperature and humidity requirements control value set after the completion of the system into fully automatic operation, without the need for a person to look after.

Air conditioning plus dehumidifier: air conditioning and dehumidifier control is independent of each other two systems, operation requires a strong sense of responsibility of the operator to adjust the temperature and humidity according to the constant changes in the environment. This system is not conducive to maintaining constant temperature and humidity in the pool space.

Difference in initial input cost.

Three-set constant temperature and dehumidification heat pump: higher price than separate air conditioning, but the user does not need to install the air conditioning system and new air treatment equipment.

Air conditioner plus dehumidifier: the input cost is higher than the constant temperature and dehumidification heat pump, this system is from the hot and cold water unit plus air conditioning box plus dehumidifier, because this system does not have the function of new air treatment, but also need to install a separate fresh air ventilator.

The difference in operating costs.

The operating cost of the three-in-one thermostatic dehumidification heat pump is about 30% to 40% lower than the operating cost of the air conditioning unit plus dehumidifier plus fresh air handler.

Anti-corrosion treatment.

Three-in-one constant temperature and dehumidification heat pump: heat exchanger and sheet metal structure are treated with epoxy resin anti-corrosion treatment.

Air conditioning unit plus dehumidifier: this system supplier are not anti-corrosion treatment.

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