Heat Pump

Why choose a heat pump hot water unit

Energy-saving heat pump obtains heat from outdoor air, consumes only a small amount of electricity, and can convert the consumed electricity into more than 3 times of heat energy to realize heating.

Environmental protection heat pump hot water unit has no emission and pollution during operation, which is green and meets the requirements of environmental protection.

Safety eliminates the flammable, explosive, electric shock, gas poisoning and other safety hazards in the common hot water unit system.

Reliable product with stable operation performance, long service life and low maintenance cost.

Simple can be installed on the roof, balcony, courtyard, basement and other locations, no need for a special room, does not occupy a permanent living area.

Unique structure and unique design of heat exchanger, compact and beautiful structure, even distribution of airflow organization, high efficiency and sufficient heat exchange.

Intelligent control based on the fuzzy control principle, dynamic detection of user load, quickly reach the set temperature, keep the load dynamic matching, smooth operation. Intelligent and flexible defrosting can set defrosting parameters and control scheme according to the climate conditions of different regions, making defrosting more thorough, more flexible and more energy-saving.

Modular design can be added flexibly according to the actual needs of users.

All-weather operation operates all year round, not affected by night, cloudy days, rain and snow and other bad weather.

Healthy and comfortable to provide comfortable hot water, stable and suitable temperature to ensure the comfort of the human body.

ØEconomic and cost-saving unit with high heating efficiency, saving investment and operation cost.

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